Welcome All to my website

Hi All Welcome to my website

 This year has been a gift I am glad I have been able to share my music with so many people that  I met on my journey from coming back from my 3 months  trip to Colombia and travelling around Europe with my different projects this has been so far a beautiful magical journey.

 I began working slowly on my website last year and with the incredible help the talent of Pedro Perez Medina we began working last year thank you for designing it and here it is welcome to all to my website at last!!!. 

 The main picture was taken in Denia, Alicante by my beautiful and wonderful talented friend Almudena Garcia. I have been extremely busy with music that  the website took a back seat but I am trying to introduce more things like this to stay connected with all of you out there.  

So far this new season is started and waving goodbye to the summer 2019 is still filled with a lot of music  for this Autumn.

I am currently recording some new tunes with Animanz, we already have a record out  under the label tru thoughts called ‘Exotic other’ and we will be playing in Berlin on the 31st of October at Yaam you can get the album anywhere online is available everywhere!!!!

I also been recording with Wara all of the end of last year and this year too we have some surprises we been in Barcelona we were recording one of upcoming singles that was a lot of fun there are some funky pictures on Instagram if you want to see some action. With Wara we have currently  have 3 concerts ahead until the end of the Year. I am heading to Brighton tomorrow 24th of September to the World Transformed event to close the event that took place during the weekend and 5th of October I will be Hootananny Brixton and lastly we will end the year playing in Bristol on the 11th of October. 

 Lastly London Afrobeat Collective,  I been with project for 3 years and finally our album titled Humans will be out to the world on the 25th of October. 

I want to also take the opportunity to thank all the people that contributed to our campaign the album launch will take place on the 7th of November at Oslo Hackney  we truly excited is my first record with the band exciting times. 

Thank you  all x speak soon 


Love x