Juanita Euka is a London based singer/songwriter and all-round performer, currently working with the London Afrobeat Collective, Cuban-fusion-band Wara as well as having collaborated with London band Animanz. Juanita won the LUKAS award for Best Latin Vocalist in 2017. She is also the niece of internationally-acclaimed Congolese music legend Franco Luambo.  

Juanita spent her child hood in Buenos Aires, where she was exposed to the sounds of Latin music early on. Juanita moved to London in her teens, which is where she began her studies in music. Attending various Arts Colleges, Juanita worked on perfecting her craft with tutors such as Kevin Mark Trail and Jo Thomson. At the WAC College in Hamsptead Heath Juanita received the vocal training of Rachel Bennett.  

Juanita began her professional career singing with Latin band Malambo, an Afro-Peruvian fusion band, and duet Tango Malambo with world class pianist Tim Sharp. In 2011 Juanita joined London Latin band Wara with whom she released the album "Leave to Remain". Juanita also fronts her own Machina Latina Cuban Salsa band every month at the prestigious Ronnie’s Jazz Bar in soho London, a residency she has held for over 8 years. 

In 2016 Juanita became the new Lead singer for the London Afrobeat Collective with whom she released the album “Humans” in 2019. 

Through a collaboration with  band Animanz, Juanita also released the album “Exotic Other” under the label Tru-Thoughts in 2018. 

Juanita's sound is a flamboyant and uplifting blend of contemporary, Latin ( cross over genres), hip-hop, soul, jazz, all brought together with her unique style and flair. By mixing her African and Latin heritages into her music Juanita has developed a unique style. Her influences are global and diverse, as is reflected by the fact that she actually sings in four different languages! She is an energetic and dynamic performer always, leaving her audiences captivated.